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Hi Reader,

I mentioned last week that I’d let you know as some of these trips start coming up and my first trip is scheduled for Iowa at the end of June. So, if you are in Iowa, you will want to come to this event!

A couple weeks ago, we had a great internal discussion about what happens when a student does what is called prompt injection. This screenshot below shows how a student could “trick” the system by saying they know everything and don’t need to be assessed anymore.

In the old days, we focused on “making sure kids didn’t cheat” and then we moved to “making sure kids couldn’t cheat” and now we have to realize that it’s possible for kids to “cheat” in any situation.

What I appreciate about the team we’ve built at SchoolAI is that we aren’t looking for ways to prevent them from cheating, but looking for ways to better inform the teacher so that the teacher can have a positive, productive conversation with that student about what they’re doing. We want to keep the humanity in education, but make it easier for the teacher see, understand, and make better decisions.

If you've got any input or ideas on the cheating question, we'd love to hear from you. Just hit reply and give me your thoughts.

Worth Reading

OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, recently shared his views about artificial intelligence at Station F in Paris. Altman stated that AI is having a moment because it's good at many things, and we could be on the verge of a major shift in education. He also talked about how GPT and other AI models have been useful in improving productivity. Altman views AI as a tool that can be leveraged by humans to create new things, unlock potential, and change how we should think about specific problems.

Worth Seeing

Productive Dude on YouTube breaks down six tools. He mentions that much of what is out there is not that great. I agree. Here are his six tools:

  1. ElevenLabs - Really powerful non-robotic text to speech.
  2. Synthesia - Video of someone speaking. Demo at this point in the video
  3. Runway - Think storytelling with video through AI.
  4. Notion - which I mentioned above, write better today.
  5. Merlin - Chrome browser extension to bring ChatGPT to your web browser. (there are lots of these out there, btw.)
  6. Mixo - limited web site builder, but I made the site below to create a fundraising site for a school.

Worth Hearing

Notion is a popular tool for doing lots of things, and many schools are using it in different ways. They recently released Notion Projects, which is a new way of approaching projects, keeping it all in one place and getting the information, tasks, documents, and more all aligned. Interesting video in the link.


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