AI teaching kids to read?

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Hi Reader,

We had a great time at ASU GSV last week and it was great to get to see so many cool people doing amazing things.

This week, Jethro and I are presenting at the State Executive Directors' Professional Development Program put on by NASSP and NAESP about how membership organizations can use AI.

Here’s some stuff worth your time:

Worth Reading

How soon do you think AI will be helping kids read? At the ASUGSV summit last week, Bill Gates gave a keynote and he thinks it will be happening within 18 months. I think it might even be sooner.

Worth Seeing

We tried this new tool called with one of Jethro’s videos. He uploaded a video and didn’t make any corrections to the transcript and just wanted to see how it did making an entire course out of a video. You can see it here. It did get Jethro’s name wrong, so it’s not perfect.

Worth Reading 2

Stability AI launches an open source competitor to ChatGPT. Competition in this arena is great for all of us. As there have been changes to ChatGPT they have sometimes degraded our ability to make SchoolAI work effectively. The responses we initially got back at the end of 2022 were better in some ways than the responses we are getting now. It’s interesting to play with these different models and see what they prioritize and value.

We'll see you next week


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