The Progress Report w/ Caleb Hicks

Heading to San Antonio!

publishedabout 1 month ago
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The Progress Report

Hi Reader,

Two big things happening this week:

  1. We are going to be in San Antonio at the Superintendent’s conference. If you or someone you know is going to be there, hit reply and let us know! We would love to meet in person.
  2. Our workshop series on AI continues this week. You’ll definitely want to attend if you didn’t make it to last week’s where we made an intervention plan, live. Invite your friends, put it in your newsletters. We'll be talking about how to get the answers you want from these AI tools.

We’ve had amazing responses, like this one from Margaret below:

Worth Reading

An attendee at our workshop last week, Michael Fisher, shared some great information he has been collecting and curating specifically for educators here about AI.

Worth Seeing

​This site uses AI to explain what companies do. Try it on your school or district site and see what comes up. There’s probably too much content!

Worth Hearing

​This podcast episode of “Hard Fork” talks about the quickly-changing landscape of AI and discusses Microsoft’s latest foray into AI with Bing, and Google’s embarrassing launch of Bard.

Worth Quoting

This quote is feedback from our first workshop session. Belinda, a principal in Washington said, “I used the information you gave me and had a great email created in five minutes with AI. I'd been putting off writing the email because it was going to take me about 40 minutes with the research, etc. that it needed. Woohoo!”

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