It's Live, And You Can Try It Out!

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The Progress Report

Hi Reader,

Last week at UCET was incredible.

We did a live demo and it actually worked! Here’s a 45 second clip where I’m introducing it.

Want to see what it looks like yourself? I did send a tease about it last week, but it’s even better in person!

We’re starting a waitlist right now, and if you’re not on it, you should be. Go here and click “Get Started” and you can see what it looks like.

We’re looking for two kinds of people, which are you?

  1. Teachers who will get great benefit from using this every day.
  2. Teachers who want to help shape it by trying early release features and trying to break it.

Where do you fit?

Group 1: join the waitlist, and we will get you in as soon as possible.

Group 2: Become a VIP and get access earlier and give us feedback.

If you’re not on the list already, now’s a great chance to get on. If you’re not sure if you’re on or not, join VIP and schedule a call.

Again, NO COST to teachers, so check it out today.

Here are few other things worth your time:

Worth Reading

Ethan Mollick at One Useful Thing has been sharing some really great examples about AI in the past few weeks. This article is called “Using AI to make teaching easier & more impactful and he shares some great strategies of how we can use AI in our teaching:

  1. AI-created examples
  2. AI-created explanations
  3. Using AI to develop low-stakes tests
  4. Assessing what students know, and what they are confused by
  5. Distributed practice with AI

Worth Seeing

Jackson Fall is using ChatGPT to run a business. Some early promising results and worth seeing where he’s at on a daily basis. It’s been a week, and he’s got investors, content creators, and more already involved.

Worth Hearing

When the pandemic started, lots of people found lots of time on their hands. Some kids started using duolingo and surpassed their peers in classrooms with live instructors. Duolingo has partnered with OpenAI to use GPT-4 to power their new features of Role Play and Explain My Answer. These are pretty powerful new features and this blog post explains it. For a quick version, watch the video at the end.

Worth Quoting

From the above article by Ethan Mollick: And, for those worried about AI, it is worth remembering that, despite decades of hype from VCR classes to Massive Online Courses, technology has not replaced teaching.

At SchoolAI we are very truly trying to NOT replace teachers. We’re trying to enhance teachers’ superpowers.

I invite you Reader to give SchoolAI a try.


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