The Progress Report w/ Caleb Hicks

It's time to see what's under the hood!

published23 days ago
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The Progress Report

Hi Reader,

We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on. Here’s a sneak peek!

Your call to action for today is to schedule a live sneak peek and experiment it with us one on one!

Schedule a time here. We want to show you this, Reader!

We think you’re really going to love it!

Worth Reading

If you’re reading this newsletter, this probably won’t be surprising to you, but Axios recently reported on a survey of 1000 teachers and 1000 students by Impact Research showed that students and teachers are already using ChatGPT. One interesting piece from the report: “Teachers say they're using it for lesson planning (30%), coming up with creative ideas for classes (30%) and building background knowledge for lessons and classes (27%).”

Read more here. And here’s the report from Impact Research.

Worth Seeing

The next Wordle? Here’s a game created by ChatGPT, pretty much entirely! Read about it here. Play it here.

Worth Hearing

In our session from a couple weeks ago, our guest Justin Baeder described what he saw as the power for where ChatGPT is at right now. He said it’s great to start something that seemed too niche education for what it might be capable of. Check out his 1 minute answer here.

Worth Quoting

"We are only at the very beginning of seeing how this can unlock learning,” Romy Drucker, director of the K-12 Education Program at the Walton Family Foundation, who commissioned the survey by Impact Research, tells Axios, from the story above.

We agree, we are only at the very beginning.

Again, I invite you to meet with our team this week and see what we're contributing to make your life easier and make your teaching even better than it already is. Even if you're not a classroom teacher, you're going to want to see this in action. Schedule a time with our team here.


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