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Hi Reader,

This week we are in New York at an EDUxAI hackathon and in Oregon at a CTE conference.

We’re excited about all the great folks that are joining us and getting a demo of what we’re building.

Here are a few things worth your time:

Worth Reading

The debate rages on about whether AI is good or bad for schools. Here’s a local to us story on how people are seeing it in Utah.

And here is Axios’ summary of why Sal Khan says that GPT4 is ready for personalized tutoring.

Worth Hearing

A really fascinating overview of what personal tutoring could be with AI by Sal Khan and Peter Diamandis. It’s a 23 minute video, but well worth the time to listen.

He talks about Personalizing Education for every student, how GPT4 is virtually indistinguishable from human tutoring.

Fascinating conversation about experiential learning at 9 minutes in.

There’s also some amazing insights about how big Khan Academy is right now, too.

Finally, check out what he has to say about the role of teachers in the future (at 20 minutes in).

Worth Seeing

A few days ago, Sal Khan posted a video demonstrating what the AI is doing in Khan Academy.

It’s pretty impressive having a chatbot built in to personalize and explain everything.

Worth Quoting

At the very end of his interview above, Khan has this money quote: "The age of static curricula is dead."


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