Minecraft controlled by AI

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These kind of Chatbots are becoming quite popular, and lots of people are making them in different forms. What I think is valuable here is that it is creating trusted content. Load up your school web site, curriculum guides, and other curriculum resources and you’ll be able to get much improved answers.

Worth Seeing

As we know, Minecraft can be an exceptionally unique playground to learn all kinds of things. Researchers at Nvidia have used the language model GPT-4 to solve problems in the game Minecraft, creating a bot called Voyager.

GPT-4 generates objectives to help the bot explore the game, and code that improves its skills over time. The code that GPT-4 generates can be refined using error messages and feedback from the game to build the bot's library of code and increase its capability. The project demonstrates the potential for language models to perform helpful actions on computers and automate office tasks.

Worth Seeing/Hearing

While Apple didn’t say the word AI at all at their World Wide Developers Conference this week, they sure did share a lot of AI-influenced advancements in their software and hardware. This link is to the Apple Vision Pro which is a new product that will likely be far out of reach for schools in the near future, but gives an idea of what the future may hold.

Imagine, however, with all the advancements that will happen over the next few years, what could education look like if this were a tool accessible for education? Is that the kind of education we would want? Would that eliminate the need for our current structures? How will influence the design of something like this made by the world's largest company?

See also this essay by Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, about the two visions for the future.


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