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Hi Reader,

We’re running! We’re excited to announce that we have some PD dates on the calendar for working with a local district. Excited about this opportunity and if you’d like to work with us in adopting SchoolAI for your teachers, hit reply and let me know.

Worth Reading

Just before OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before congress, OpenAI shared plans to release an open source chatbot AI. This reddit post has a good summary.

Apparently, the regulatory pressure of being the best and the only paid product right now for this technology pushed them to create something that would be free to use. At the very least, this is an interesting development.

Worth Seeing

If you use Formative, they have just released a ChatGPT-powered question and hint generator. Watch this 1 min video. We love seeing this kind of treatment with apps that people already use.

Worth Hearing

Sal Khan recently spoke at TED2023 and his remarks are here. I appreciate his optimism that AI could save education.

Khan thinks artificial intelligence could spark the greatest positive transformation education has ever seen. He shares the opportunities he sees for students and educators to collaborate with AI tools – including the potential of a personal AI tutor for every student and an AI teaching assistant for every teacher – and demos some exciting new features for their educational chatbot, Khanmigo


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