The Progress Report w/ Caleb Hicks

PASS Method, how to write great prompts

publishedabout 1 month ago
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The Progress Report

Hi Reader,

Last week in our workshop we talked about how to write excellent prompts for ChatGPT and other AI implementations.

It’s called the PASS method

P - Prompt

A - Audience

S - Specific Instructions

S - Scope

You can read more about these on Jethro’s blog post here.

This week, our special guest for the workshop is Dr. Justin Baeder, founder of The Principal Center, podcaster, and author. We will be talking about using AI to give better feedback. Register here.

Also, we had a great time in San Antonio and met many awesome superintendents! Looking forward to working with them soon. If you would like PD around AI for your staff, please let us know by replying to me directly.

Worth Reading

OpenAI is looking for feedback from educators. Much of the discussion about AI in schools is focused on “how do we stop kids from cheating with this?” Which is the wrong question to be asking (see below). If you're interested, take a moment and add your voice to their survey here.​

Worth Seeing

​This is a simple Reddit post, without much content, but really emphasizes how we can think about using AI in a way other than worrying about cheating. A college history professor is using ChatGPT to create lectures and then having students review those for inaccuracies and any other problem areas.

Worth Hearing

In this video, David Shapiro explains tips and misconceptions about fine-tuning GPT-3. I suggest listening to the first five minutes or so as he gives good examples of why you don’t actually need to fine-tune GPT-3.

Worth Quoting

From David’s video shared above:

"If you work with humanities folks, they get it really fast. Why? Because they understand language. They understand rhetoric. They understand using the written word to communicate ideas!"

Regardless of where this tech goes, communication will always be important. If you’re good at communicating via writing, you are likely good at getting GPT-3 to do what you want.

All the best,


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