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Hi Reader,

After hosting the Build AIxEDU design sprint in NYC last week, we got invited to run it back at ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego on Monday. Yusuf Ahmad, Ian Serlin, and Mike Yates were also there to jam on ideas, work on prompts, and help people ship their first AI-powered tool for their classroom, students, or team in 30m or less.

My favorite part of working on SchoolAI is that Cahlan Sharp has joined as CTO to make this thing real.

Getting to work with Cahlan is pretty special – and in a lot of ways, marks parts of the last decade coming full-circle. Cahlan is who originally hired me out of Lehi Junior High School to work as one of the first couple of full-timers at Devmountain – which fundamentally changed the trajectory of my career, and set me up to be able to take on SchoolAI.

Now I get to work with him to go back and make teaching even better for teachers, students, and school leaders.

Here are a few things worth your time:

Worth Reading

What’s a conlanger? It’s someone who creates their own language. Ryszard Szopa taught ChatGPT to speak his son’s invented language. Read about it here.

Worth Seeing

As you know, kids LOVE seeing their artwork. They love seeing it come to life even more. This github link is a repo that allows the user to animate kids’ drawings. How cool would it be bring kids artwork to life like this?

Worth Hearing

Creating an Autonomous GPT, called AutoGPT is a pretty powerful idea, and it seems that developer SigGravitas has done just that. It’s incredibly powerful. Here’s an accessible-to-non-coders video describing how it works.

Worth Quoting

“The people who engage with it [Ai] right now are the ones who get to define it.” Yes, I’m quoting myself here, but Mike Yates posted it to twitter. I want to be part of this conversation and I want you to be with me on it. Hit reply anytime and let me know what you’re thinking about AI and how it will impact education.


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