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published6 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Last week we had a great workshop on supercharging your coaching with AI. You can watch the replay here. And if you’re a coach, this was a great session to attend. We talked about turning qualitative data into quantitative data.

And, our workshops going forward are going to be for our insiders group. If you’d like to join the insider group, go here and click get started.

Here are some links worth your time:

Worth Reading

Are we finally at the point in time where every student can have a personalized tutor via AI? I don’t know if we are there yet, but we are certainly closer than we’ve ever been. One AI Tutor Per Child: Personalized learning is finally here | by Sai Gaddam

Worth Seeing

This article describes how you can improve ChatGPT by asking it to reflect on why it was wrong: This AI Paper Demonstrates How You Can Improve GPT-4's Performance An Astounding 30% By Asking It To Reflect on “Why Were You Wrong?”

Worth Hearing

A company called ElevenLabs has created what they are calling Prime Voice, which is AI created voices that sound incredible. The inflection, intonation, and pacing are far superior to what has been out there before. Here’s an example of A Fragment from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, created using these voices. You can hear how much better it is from just the first few seconds.


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